That is us, PAR-3 Real Estate Agents. We know Eindhoven and its far surroundings best. This is our home. You are at the right address if you wish to sell your house or if you are ready for another house. Or for an extensive valuation.


You may demand it from us. Constantly a sharp vision. Knowing what is going on, each and every day. Knowing who is ready for a new home or who wishes to sell his home. Also thanks to our membership of the NVM we have a clear picture of the entire real estate market of Eindhoven and its far surroundings. We are the spider that is wide awake in this dense web.


Buying or selling your house is one of the most important events of your life. It is a big step financially, but it also means a lot emotionally. We know this and therefore will always keep the human scale in our work. Personal involvement is a condition for a good, successful cooperation. You feel this, and so do we.


When you buy or sell a house you want the best price. You would rather see results today than tomorrow. Without too much red tape, without any trouble. We understand your need and head straight for the goals - with your wishes in mind. Together with you we accurately determine the price and all conditions. We determine the strategy and then go to work. And we remain constantly in contact with you about the state of affairs. Even after the purchase or sale.

It's yours for the asking

We invite you to ask us any questions you might have. Whatever it is you would like to know, you always get a clear answer from us. Help, advise, assistance, that is our profession ... and we enjoy what we do!